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Ashé Nu Face is BACK IN STOCK in limited quantities.

We have overhauled our quality control and promise a perfect product. Color of the Nu Face Cream does vary. Please see product pictures to see generally that shade of cream for this batch.

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An amazing treatment for those who have tried almost everything to get rid of dark (brown) pigmentation, freckles or any type of marks on the face or body.

This unique herbal treatment will clear pigmentation leaving your face glowing and smooth & silky to the touch.

Use at nighttime prior to sleep :: Clean face with 24K Gold Triple Action Cleanser and dry with a clean towel :: Apply the enclosed drops on the affected areas of the face and let dry for 2-3 minutes :: Pat just a small amount of Nu Face Cream on the affected area of the face :: Wash off in the morning

For Best Results:
Use Ashé Skin Whitening during the day as a moisturizer and use Nu Face every night.